• Investment

  • Tax Equity

    Investors with large amounts of tax liability can greatly benefit from an investment into a PV system. Elan Renewables can break down the tax incentives and accelerated depreciation that its customers can take advantage of to show a significant profitable yield.

    Asset Acquisition

    Elan Renewables will work to find a system that is appropriate for each buyer by analyzing various factors including but not limited to: a fair market power purchase agreement, limited system exposure, region stability, and a significant yield. Our financial team can also work with investors to identify various ownership structures to limit investor’s liabilities.

    Developer Partnerships

    Elan Renewables is open to partnering with another developer at any point during or after the development process. Project acquisition from developers is an aspect that our team evaluates on project to project basis in order to certify the delivery of quality work in a timely fashion. Our team will work with developers to create a situation that will benefit all parties involved.